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Manifestation cards by Warm Human. Learn about your astology sign superpowers!

On the front of the card it has your:
symbol, ruling planet, element, lucky number, color, an day of the week. It also has your birth stone, lucky stone, ruling chakra, plants, flowers, herbs, essential oil, ruling body part, greek god and goddess, and for fun, your superhero! It gives you a power mantra, too. On the back of the card it gives you your strengths and weaknesses.

Each 3 x 3 package comes with an informative card and a matching zodiac charm.
You can keep it all together in the bag or carry the zodiac totem in your purse or pocket separately!

Slip it into greeting cards, gifts, pockets or purses.
Attach it to your vision board, mirror or altar.

Astrology Superpowers: Mini Card + Charm

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