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Booty Building at Strong House Fitness
Muscle Gain at Strong House Training Fitness

New to the competition circuit, Estephania quickly jumped into the game. Focused on muscle building with minimal fat gain. She was able to maintain her muscle definition and placed third in her first NPC show in LA.

Booty Gains at in Chatsworth
Weight Loss at Strong House Training Fitness
Rani Fitness Transformation

Rani is a busy mom of two who needed guidance on making better eating habits and a trainer to guide her on her fit journey. As a mom thinking of others, she found that being active in everyday life was easier with the right trainer.

Weight Loss in Chatsworth
Weight Loss Training
Almers Fitness Transformation

Sick and in horrible joint pain, Almers came to me seeking guidance on how to live a healthier life on a budget. After two months of a lifestyle change, working out and better eating habits, she was able to lose 20 pounds. She now has minimal pain in her joints.

Health and wellness, weight loss in chatsworth
Bikini Competitor Evina Del Pizzo
Bikini Competitor Evina Del Pizzo Strong House Training OWNER
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